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Our partnership in Rwanda focuses on:

  • Technical assistance with the formulation and analysis of tax policy options;
  • Strengthening the tax policymaking process, including supporting the development of tax policy competencies for evidence-based analysis; and
  • Co-production and on-job use of data, tools and models for tax policymaking.

The overarching aim is to help enhance the performance of the tax system for raising revenue efficiently and equitably in line with Rwanda’s growth and development objectives.

We work closely with Minecofin to support the identification, formulation and analysis of tax policy reform priorities. Our technical work, training and coaching support aims to strengthen the use of evidence in decision-making and build sustainable capacity within the institutions through the use of appropriate methods, data and tools.

We have already delivered analysis and modelling of several proposed policy changes, provided the corresponding training on policy options appraisal and revenue impact analysis and collaborated with Minecofin and RRA to develop and produce an annual tax expenditure report. From the outset of the COVID-19 pandemic, we were able to respond quickly to assist the government’s response with analysis of policy options to support businesses and individuals affected.

Our current and future work is focused on building the capacity of tax policy staff in Minecofin and RRA to analyse policy impacts, engage effectively with stakeholders and communicate evidence-based advice to ministers effectively to inform decision-making.


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