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Our partnership in Ghana focuses on:

  • The provision of technical support on analysing key tax and benefit policy and administration issues;
  • The co-production of analytical tools and resources;
  • The development of skills and capacity for tax policy analysis and design within the MoF.

As a whole, the partnership seeks to improve the availability and uptake of evidence in the tax policymaking process in Ghana. This includes analysis of the impact of policy on revenues, poverty and inequality, economic efficiency, tax administration and compliance.

Thus far, our work in Ghana has delivered a bespoke tax and benefit microsimulation model (GHATAX) used in policy appraisal; manuals and templates for costing and appraising tax policy proposals; various short appraisals of proposed tax policy changes; training in tax policy design and evaluation; and digitised data collected from paper VAT and CIT returns.

Ongoing work builds on and extends many of these areas of work. In addition, we are collaborating on a comprehensive review of the structure of the country’s tax system and evaluating the role of policy and macroeconomic factors in customs revenue over time.


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